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  • Australian Army .303 Enfield/SLR Web Rifle Slings – 10 Pack


    Ten pack of original Australian issued blackened web slings for the Enfield 303 and SLR rifles. Used condition. Maybe a…

  • US M1 Combat Helmet with Liner & Camo Cover – Original


    Original (not current reproduction) US M1 helmets with liner, detachable suspension, neckband, headband and quick release chinstrap. Also has US…

  • British/South African Enfield No9 Bayonet with Scabbard & Original Leather Frog


    Genuine & scarce South African issue No9 bayonet and scabbard & original leather frog for use with the No4 303…

  • US Phrobis III Bayonet with Scabbard – Original US Issue


    Genuine US issue (Not Australian and not a repro) M9 bayonet with scabbard. Ricasso stamped with "M9 Phrobis III USA…


  • Australian Army Vietnam F1/Sterling SMG Mag Pouch – 1972 – Unissued


    Jungle green dated 1972 Vietnam period 9mm F1 SMG heavy duty canvas mag pouch. Also fits the curved Sterling 9mm…

  • US Army Vietnam Period Leather M1907 Garand/M14 Slings – Original MRT Marked


    Unissued condition original (not reproduction) US Government Contractor made Vietnam period heavy duty leather M1907 rifle sling made for the…

  • Australian WW1 P1915 Leather Equipment Set – Original


    Original (not current reproductions) & scarce set of Australian WW1 Pattern 1915 leather equipment. Comprises belt, cartridge carriers, suspender straps…

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