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  • US M65 Fishtail Parka – Size Ex/Small with Size Small Liner – Genuine US – Unissued

    AUD$245.00 + 10% GST

    Original US issue M65 extreme cold weather olive drab fishtail parkas with quilted detachable liners. We are now sold out…

  • US M65 Fishtail Parka with Liner – Size Ex/Small-Regular – Genuine US – Grade 1

    AUD$215.00 + 10% GST

    Original US issue M65 extreme cold weather olive drab fishtail parkas with quilted detachable liners. Excellent Grade 1 used condition…

    Sold Out
  • US Army M1942 Mess Kit with Cutlery – Original


    Original issue US stainless steel mess pan in good condition with some dents and complete with original US issue cutlery.…

  • US Army ALICE Backpack Shoulder Straps – Genuine US Issue


    A pair of used genuine left and right nylon quick-release US ALICE shoulder backpack straps for attachment to the US…

  • US Air Force Survival Vest Revolver Holster – Unissued


    Genuine US nylon holster for small frame revolver and for use with US Air Force Survival Vests. Unissued condition in…

  • US MI6 A.L.I.C.E 30rd Ammo Mag Pouches Equipment Set – Ex Street Fighter Movie


    Combat equipment set used on the production of the movie "Street Fighter" starring Jean-Claude Van Damme in 1994. Consists of…

  • US M1 Combat Helmet with Liner & Camo Cover – Original


    Original (not current reproduction) US M1 helmets with liner, detachable suspension, neckband, headband and quick release chinstrap. Also has US…

  • US WW2 M1910 Khaki Entrenching Tool Cover – Original


    Genuine original (not current repro) scarce khaki US WW2 M1910 entrenching tool carrier. Stamped with makers name "Kadin Bros". Q…

  • US Army WW2 Pattern Canteen Cover – Post War Dutch/Belgium


    Original post WW2 canteen cover for the Dutch or Belgian Army. Same pattern as the US Army WW2 cover. Olive…

  • US Army Shelter Half, Tent – Genuine US Issue


    Genuine US Army Issue shelter half which join together with the snap fasteners to make one two man canvas (cotton…

  • US Army Black Leather Garrison Belt – 34 Inches – Original 1986 Dated


    Original US Army issue black leather garrison belt. No buckle. Marked with US and makers name "Point Blank Leather Works"…

  • US Army M1942 Mess Kit – Original US Issue


    Original US Army issue (not cheap copies) stainless steel mess pan in good used condition with a few dents. No…