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  • Australian WW2 Blue/Grey Lee Enfield Web Rifle Sling – RAAF/RAF


    Original Australian WW2 blue/grey RAAF/RAF issue web .303 Lee-Enfield rifle sling. No maker markings now visible. Excellent used condition. Standard…

  • Canadian WW2 P37 Khaki Web Webley Mk6 Holster – Unissued – Original (Not Repro)


    Original (not reproduction). Suits Webley .455 revolvers & other large frame revolvers from that time. Excellent unissued condition. Canadian made…

  • Australian/Canadian Army WW2 Enfield .303 Rifle Oiler – DCP Marked


    Genuine Australian issue plastic Mk V oil bottle for the No1 Mk3 .303. Also issued with the Owen and Austen…