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  • Australian Army Issue Bren 303 LMG Items for Parts Wallet


    Original Australian Army issue various items for the Bren maintenance kit. Consist of oil can; Mk2 combination tool; pull thru;…

  • British/South African Enfield No9 Bayonet with Scabbard


    Genuine & scarce South African issue No9 bayonet and scabbard for use with the No4 303 rifle. The South African…

  • British WW2 Bren Gun Combination Tool


    Original Australian issue combination tool for the Bren maintenance kit. Excellent condition. The items are similar in condition to the…

  • Australian Issue Khaki/Green Bren Sling with Hooks – Original


    Original (not current reproduction) Australian issue khaki/green Bren sling with hooks. Excellent condition. Hooks unissued in grease. Brass fittings. Some…

  • Australian Army WW2 Issue Bren 303 LMG Oil Can for Parts Wallet – Original


    Original Australian Army WW2 issue metal oil cans for the 303 Bren maintenance kit. Good used condition.  See photos for…

  • Australian Army WW2 Issue 303 Bren LMG Gas Port Reamers – Original


    Set of five original Australian issue reamer keys for the Bren maintenance kit. See photos for main condition description.

  • British Army WW2 Lee Enfield No4 .303 Rifle Oiler – Unmarked


    Correct British WW2 issue unmarked plastic Mk V oil bottle for the No4 .303. See representative photos for main condition.…

  • British/South African Army No9/P03 Leather Bayonet Frog


    Genuine issue leather frog for the South African issue No9 bayonet. Copper rivets. Good used condition. The bayonet socket sits…