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  • British WW1 Pattern Leather 303 Bayonet Frog – South African /|\ Stamped


    Genuine South African issue P1903 leather frog for the British Pattern 1903 Bandolier Equipment. Issued for use with the P1907…

  • US/British WW1 P1913 Bayonet with Scabbard – Winchester – Exc +++


    Original WW1 US Winchester made British P1913 303 bayonet and scabbard made for the P14 rifle. Ricasso markings are faint…

  • British WW1 P1907 303 Bayonet and Scabbard -Sanderson – 1918 – Royal Navy Marked


    Scarce British Royal Navy issue WW1 made P1907 with bright polished blade. Made by Sanderson Bros in January 1918. Pommel…

  • Australian WW2 Vickers Machine Gun Fusee Lithgow MA 39 Marked


    Original WW2 fusee for the Cal .303 Vickers . Excellent condition. Stamped with the Lithgow "MA 39 ". The item…

  • British WW1 Enfield 303 SMLE Brass Oiler ‘J.J.B ‘ Marked


    Original British WW1 made brass oil bottle for the Enfield SMLE. Marked 'J.J.B ' (J.& J. Bent Company, Birmingham UK)…

  • British WW1 Enfield SMLE .303 Brass Oiler ‘H.J. & S.’ Marked


    Original British WW1 made brass oil bottle for the Enfield SMLE. British manufactured and marked with makers initials "H.J. &…

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  • British Army WW1 Enfield 303 SMLE Front Band – Unissued


    British manufactured hinged steel front band for the No1 Mk3 SMLE. Unissued condition. $5 postage refund for single item Overseas…

  • Original British/Australian Army WW1 Cavalry Buff Leather Sword Knot – Dated 1918


    Mint, unissued condition Australian surplus with some slight 100 year storage soiling. Dated 1918. Marked "H.G. & R Ld 18"…