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  • US Army M1942 Mess Kit with Cutlery – Original


    Original issue US stainless steel mess pan in good condition with some dents and complete with original US issue cutlery.…

    Sold Out
  • US Army WW2 Pattern Canteen Cover – Post War Dutch/Belgium


    Original post WW2 canteen cover for the Dutch or Belgian Army. Same pattern as the US Army WW2 cover. Olive…

  • US Army Shelter Half, Tent – Genuine US Issue


    Genuine US Army Issue shelter half which join together with the snap fasteners to make one two man canvas (cotton…

  • US Army M1942 Mess Kit – Original US Issue


    Original US Army issue (not cheap copies) stainless steel mess pan in good used condition with a few dents. No…

  • US Army Two Man Shelter Half Pup Tent – Genuine US Issue


    Genuine US Issue Two Man Tent. This sale is for two Shelter Halves which are to join together with the…

  • US Army GI Issue Trifold Entrenching Tool & Carrier – Original


    US Original G.I. issue trifold shovel complete with vinyl carrier. This is heavy duty quality. Not the cheaper repro items…

  • US Army M1942 Mess Kit & Canteen Cup Set – Original US Issue


    Original US Army issue used stainless steel mess pan and stainless steel canteen cup made by Wyott in the US.…

  • US Army ALICE Canteen Cup Stand – Genuine US Issue


    Unissued condition. Genuine stand for the kidney shaped canteen cup used with the US A.L.I.C.E. and M1956 1 quart canteen. Used…

  • US Army Stainless Steel Canteen Cup – Genuine Unissued


    Unissued condition. May have slight storage marks or small dents. Genuine US issue stainless steel canteen cup with folding handle. Ideal…