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  • British WW1 Pattern Leather 303 Bayonet Frog – South African /|\ Stamped


    Genuine South African issue P1903 leather frog for the British Pattern 1903 Bandolier Equipment. Issued for use with the P1907…

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  • Australian Army P37/SLR Khaki/Green Bayonet Frog – 1981


    Original Australian made and issued Vietnam War period khaki/green P37 bayonet frog for the SLR bayonets. Marked "B.I. /|\" and…

  • Australian Vietnam War Jungle Green SLR L1A1 Bayonet Frog – 1970


    Original Jungle Green web bayonet frog with wire hooks. Vietnam War dated 1970. Excellent used condition. Fits scabbard for all…

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  • British/South African Army No9/P03 Leather Bayonet Frog


    Genuine issue leather frog for the South African issue No9 bayonet. Copper rivets. Good used condition. The bayonet socket sits…

  • Swiss Army M57 Leather Bayonet Frog


    Leather Swiss bayonet frog for the Swiss Model 1957 bayonet which fits the Stgw.57 auto rifle. Top quality heavy duty…

  • Australian Vietnam War SLR L1A1 Bayonet Frog


    Excellent original unissued condition Jungle Green web bayonet frog with belt hooks. Fits scabbard for all No.5, 7 & 9…

  • Australian Army SLR P37 Bayonet Frog – Blackened


    Original Australian Army blackened P 37 SLR frog for the SLR L1A1 7.62mm rifle bayonet and the SMLE Lee Enfield…

  • Australian Vietnam War Period Unusual “Fat” Frog


    Free Overseas Postage - Jungle green web "fat" wide frog with wire hooks. Came in with a lot of SLR…