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  • US M1 Garand/Beretta BM59 Bayonet with Scabbard – Utica


    Scarce original military re-furbished US M1 Sprinfield/Garand Bayonet to fit the Italian Beretta BM59 rifle. Larger muzzle ring with inside…

  • Australian Army Enfield SMLE 303 Rifle Accessories Set #17- Original


    Genuine original (not reproductions) Australian Army Enfield SMLE .303 rifle accessories set. Consists of used khaki/green web rifle sling ;…

  • Enfield No4 Mk2 Bayonet & Scabbard in Factory Wrap – RARE Canadian Arsenals


    Rare Canadian Arsenals made in the 1950's for the Korean War with a production run of only 5000. The rarest…

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  • British Army WW1 Enfield 303 SMLE Front Band – Unissued


    British manufactured hinged steel front band for the No1 Mk3 SMLE. Unissued condition. $5 postage refund for single item Overseas…

  • British/Australian Enfield 303 Khaki Long Rifle Sling – M.E.Co 1963


    Original (not reproduction) British made and Australian issue khaki heavy cotton webbing sling with brass attachments. Marked M.E. Co (Mills…

  • Australian Army Surplus 7.62mm Nato Broken Case Extractor


    Australian Army surplus 7.62mm Nato (.308W) broken case extractor. Excellent condition. $5 postage refund for single item Overseas orders of…