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  • Australian Army WW2 Enfield SMLE 303 Brass Rifle Oiler- ‘MA’ Marked


    Australian WW2 brass oil bottle. Marked "MA" lid and on the base. Made at the Lithgow Small Arms Factory during…

  • Australian Original WW1 P1915 Leather Webley Pistol Holster


    Original & scarce Australian WW1 Pattern 1915 green hide leather pistol holster for the Webley Mk6 .455. Excellent condition and…

  • Original British/Australian WW1 P1903 Light Horse Pattern Water Bottle Carrier


    Original (not current reproduction) Australian issued British made WW1 P1903 leather water bottle carrier. As used by the Australian Light…

  • US Army Issue M65 Fishtail Parka with Liner & Hood -Extra/Small-Regular


    Original US issue M65 extreme cold weather olive drab fishtail parka with quilted detachable liner & hood. Hood is supplied…


  • Lee Enfield SMLE 303 Rifle 5rd Stripper/Charger Clips – 30 Unissued


    Original military issue. Unused in light grease. One lot consisting of 30 clips in three plastic sleeves of 10 each.…

  • US Army Vietnam Period Leather M1907 Garand/M14 Slings – Original MRT Marked


    Unissued condition original (not reproduction) US Government Contractor made Vietnam period heavy duty leather M1907 rifle sling made for the…

  • Australian WW1 P1915 Leather Cartridge Carriers Set – Original


    Original (not current reproductions) & scarce left and right side Australian WW1 Pattern 1915 leather cartridge carrier set. All buckles…

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