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  • US M1 Helmet Camo Elastic Band with Cats Eyes Reflectors – Unissued


    Original (not current reproduction) US Army issue green US M1 Helmet camo elastic band with cats eyes reflectors for holding…

  • US M65 Fishtail Parka – Size Ex/Small with Size Small Liner – Genuine US – Unissued

    AUD$245.00 + 10% GST

    Original US issue M65 extreme cold weather olive drab fishtail parkas with quilted detachable liners. We are now sold out…

  • US Army M-51 Cold Weather Wolf Fur Fishtail Parka Hood – Genuine US Issue


    Original and now rare (not current copy or reproduction) US Army issue M1951 extreme cold weather olive drab genuine wolf…

  • Australian SLR Bayonet Frog – White Nylon Ceremonial


    Original Australian made and issued white nylon SLR bayonet frog for ceremonial and parade use. Excellent used condition.  See photos…

  • US M65 Fishtail Parka with Liner – Size Ex/Small-Regular – Genuine US – Grade 1

    AUD$215.00 + 10% GST

    Original US issue M65 extreme cold weather olive drab fishtail parkas with quilted detachable liners. Excellent Grade 1 used condition…

    Sold Out
  • Australian WW1/2 Vickers & Lewis 303 MG Brass Spring Scales


    Original Australian issue WW1/2 brass scales for tension weighing and setting of various parts of the Cal .303 Vickers M.G.…

  • Browning 9mm Hi-Power Hellweg Aust Army Issue Basketweave Holster – Left Hand – Unissued


    Australian Army issue holster for the Browning Hi-Power 9mm Pistol.  Left Hand draw. 5 Inch White basketweave most likely for…

  • Australian Army Issue Minimi/M249 Desert Sand Sling – Original FN – Unissued


    Original FN made Minimi/M249 Desert Sand colour sling. Ex Australian Army surplus. New unissued condition. See photos for further main…


  • Australian Vietnam War F1/Sterling SMG Accessories Kit – Unissued 1967


    Jungle green Vietnam period 9mm F1 mag pouch, cleaning rod and action brush. Pouch dated 1967 and made by Commonwealth…

  • US Army Vietnam Period Leather M1907 Garand/M14 Slings – Original MRT Marked


    Unissued condition original (not reproduction) US Government Contractor made Vietnam period heavy duty leather M1907 rifle sling made for the…